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Advice and Representation:
The RMTU has paid officials, supported by elected honourary officials and delegates in your workplace, to advise and represent you. In addition to the following advice and representation, the RMTU also offers various other services.

Your Rights:

Experienced officials familiar with your work situation will advise you on all matters relating to your wages and working conditions.

Legal Enforcement:

All employment agreements negotiated by the union are legally enforceable and the union has the legal skills and resources to make sure that your employer complies with the agreement.

Personal Grievances:

The RMTU will protect you against unfair treatment and discrimination at work, and will provide legal representation if necessary.

Accident Compensation:

RMTU officials will assist you with your claim if you are injured or suffer occupational disease, and will negotiate return to work arrangements for you. Legal representation will be provided where necessary.

Health And Safety:

RMTU officials will help you monitor workplace conditions and will provide you with expert information and advice on issues affecting your health and safety at work.


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